Digitise.Me - Web Development and DesignWelcome to Digitise.Me, we are a Web Development and Design duo from the United Kingdom. You can use this website to view our web design and development portfolio, to find out a bit more about each of us and to find all manner of random blog posts (usually revolving around the web and design but we often write off at a tangent!). If you like what you see then don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can find all our details on the contact us page. Tell us what your after and we’ll let you know what we could do for you!

quoteFor many businesses, a Web site is the first way that your clientele will look at you–even if it’s just to find your address and phone number. The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business.

Our experience across various business areas gives us the ability to offer a solution catered to your business and your customers, not just an out of the box solution.

Web Development

Digitise.Me have experience in the use of a number of open source CMS solutions (WordPress, Magento and Joomla most commonly). Those CMS solutions can be modified in order to incorporate all of the functions that you as a business need.

Web Design

We have designed for a number of clients, from HTML Email Marketing campaigns, to Digitial download stores, we have done it all. Whether you want business sheek or quirky geek, we can offer a design suited to you and your business.

Feel free to take a look through our portfolio and read through our blog to find out a bit more about the guys behind the computer screen. Why not get in touch to see what we could do for you?

You can get in touch with us via our contact us page, or alternatively you catch us both on twitter. Jay – Lemon


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